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cut-e & ZeroLime Demo Company respects how you want the personal information that you send us to be treated. In this privacy policy we describe how we collect and use your personal information. Therefore, we encourage you to read this privacy notice thoroughly. To be able to input your personal information for cut-e & ZeroLime Demo Company in the mobile based interview system, you need to give us your consent for storing and using that information.
"Interview" in this privacy policy includes all video recording through our mobile based interview system, through smartphone/tablet or web camera, for example video interviews and video presentations.

Privacy law
All personal information that you send to cut-e & ZeroLime Demo Company through the mobile based interview system is handled according to regulations in the Swedish personal information law (PUL) (1998:204) that protects your personal integrity. The law is in accordance with the European parliament and the council´s directive 95/46/EG from October 24, 1995, about protection for individuals regarding process of personal information and the free flow of such information.

Personal information
Personal information is the kind of information that can be used to identify you or that kan traced to you as an individual.

Handling of personal information

Completed interned based interviews with cut-e & ZeroLime Demo Company
The internet based interview that you take part in can only be handled by the person that registered it and by employees of cut-e & ZeroLime Demo Company that have been given the right to administrate mobile based interviews. The person that created your interview has the option to update, modify or delete it. cut-e & ZeroLime Demo Company retains the right to, by own judgement, delete completed interviews.

Completed interviews will be handled by cut-e & ZeroLime Demo Company for the purpose of, in the end, hiring someone for an available job and for activities associated with this process. We will keep your interview for as long as it´s necessary, however for at least two years. You can at any time demand that your interview be deleted from our database.

Information that is submitted at a specific interview time can also be considered regarding other available jobs at the company and you may be contacted regarding other relevant jobs than the one that the interview specifically was created for.

Your information can at that point already have been selected for processing for a certain available job. In that case, cut-e & ZeroLime Demo Company will keep handling that information until it is no longer needed or no longer relevant. cut-e & ZeroLime Demo Company retains the right to delete an interview earlier if cut-e & ZeroLime Demo Company deems it suitable.

The information that you submit to cut-e & ZeroLime Demo Company through a mobile based interview will only be used by employees of cut-e & ZeroLime Demo Company and communicated with customers of cut-e & ZeroLime Demo Company. This information will however not be used together with your complete personal or contact information.

Changes in this privacy policy
Please note that this privace policy can be changed from one interview to another.

More information
Once a year, you have the right to view the information about you that we handle by contacting the person responsible for personal information. Such a claim needs to be made in writing, be supplemented with your signature and sent via letter to the person responsible for personal information.

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